Bystanders booed as the far-right Patriot Front staged a rally in Washington DC to 'reclaim America'

BusinessInsider - More than a hundred members of a white supremacist group marched in downtown Washington, DC on Saturday evening while chanting "reclaim America," reports say.

Videos show members of Patriot Front outside the Lincoln Memorial wearing matching outfits of khaki pants, dark blue jackets, and baseball caps.

Some carried flags, shields, and photographs show one banner reading "victory or death."

Their faces were obscured mainly by sunglasses and white coverings around their noses and mouths.

The group's leader Thomas Rousseau gave a speech near the Capitol reflecting pool while bystanders booed, The Daily Beast said.

"Our demonstrations are an exhibition of our unified capability to organize, to show our strength," Rousseau said, according to the outlet.

"Not as brawlers or public nuisances, but as men capable of illustrating a message and seeking an America that more closely resembles the interests of its true people."

On Saturday, police closely monitored the scene in case of violence, but the march ended without incident, The Daily Beast reported.

At the end of the protest, two dozen members were stranded as all could not fit in a U-Haul van rented to transport them to and from the rally, The Daily Beast said.

Many waited by the side of the road for hours as the vehicle made several trips, the outlet said. 

According to The Anti-Defamation League, Patriot Front members believe that their ancestors conquered America and bequeathed it.

The group espouses "racism, anti-Semitism, and intolerance under the guise of preserving the ethnic and cultural origins of their European ancestors," the organization said.

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