Hate groups are organizing in our communities. Donate Now to Goldbridge Institute and help us stop the spread!


Hate groups are organizing in our communities, and they are sowing the seeds for violence by recruiting impressionable youth. At least three major groups infest San Francisco, and more than 10 operate in the greater Bay Area (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and other hate trackers).

The message calls for the elimination of Asians, Blacks, Feminists, Jews, Latinos, LGBTQ+, Muslims, and Liberals.

Hate-based activity and crimes tripled during 2016-2017, and hate incidents have continued to increase at alarming rates.


The recent spate of mass shootings at a El Paso Walmart (8/19), Pittsburgh synagogue (8/18), the Gilroy Garlic Festival (7/19), Wisconsin Sikh Temple (8/12), Kansas JCC (4/14), Charleston church (6/15), Atlanta spas (3/21), Buffalo supermarket (5/22) represent the horrific results of the  silent sickness that has infected communities across the country. 

Goldbridge Institute was formed to:

  • Identify supremacist/hate groups and their members in the Greater Bay Area
  • Curate data from hate tracking efforts such and SPLC, ADL, etc.
  • Research their members and activities through social media, forums, and chat groups such as Discord, Telegram, Truth Social, etc.

We take action by:

  • Exposing identified organizations of hate to share their goals and efforts of potential violence
  • Alerting the community through social media, press, and targeted communications of their existence and activities to deter the further spread of hate and ideology

Our goal is to stop hate and violence in its tracks NOW, and your support is crucial to our efforts.  Please consider donating to our cause so that we can continue our work to stop the spread of hate and violence in the greater Bay Area.