Psychology's urgent need to dismantle racism

In a time of crisis and racial reckoning, what is psychology's opportunity, and responsibility to take action?

APA - Psychology has an opportunity to continue evolving and meet the needs of a changing U.S. population—starting by countering the pervasive and damaging effects of racism. Experts contend that anti-racist psychological science is better science because it adapts to the reality of an increasingly diverse America. In short, psychology has two choices—advance or become irrelevant.

Pursuing anti-racism in psychology requires a critical examination of how the discipline structures opportunity in ways that uphold White supremacy. Who or what is getting studied, and who is being served? What is psychology’s particular responsibility in responding to racism? Who is in the pipeline to become a psychologist? Who is being recruited, trained, and promoted? Are psychologists doing the uncomfortable self-examination to grow toward anti-racism? Whose research is getting funded, published, and cited? How are psychologists countering racism, challenging research norms, and building bridges as mentors and allies?

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