Hate crimes will spike around the 2024 presidential election, civil rights group warns

USAToday - FBI data shows an "unmistakable pattern" of reported hate crimes spiking during presidential elections, according to a new report.

Data going back to 2008 reveals increases in hate crimes against racial groups around general elections, according to the report from the Leadership Conference Education Fund, a national civil rights group.

"What it shows is an extremely disturbing and sadly not so surprising trend," said the fund's CEO, Maya Wiley.

Since 2015, hate crimes have increased at a staggering rate of more than 80%, the report found.

The data also showed 2021 had the highest number of reported hate crimes on record since the FBI began publishing data in 1991.

Authors of the report issue a stark warning that "there are few – if any – signs that tensions will lessen."

The report says that in 2023, the U.S. is "rife with opportunities" for increased hate crimes to continue into the 2024 election, which will see Donald Trump run for president again.

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